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Avoiding Armageddon

Arnold Parkinson - Founder, Entrepreneur, Head Cook and Bottle Washer

Travelling Man. Jack of all Trades. Guitar Strummer. Avid Reader. Storyteller.

Proud to be British born - Wouldn't want to live there.

Live in America - Wouldn't want to be American.

We are simply one of many animal species on earth.  Known as the Human Ape.  Eating anything that moves.

Oh I do like to be besides the seaside

No matter where we live - in the country of our birth or the country to which we emigrated - we face what can only be described as an uncertain future in a world of chaos. We have only to watch the six o clock news to know this. Wars, bombings, shootings, robberies, failing economies, greed at the top, massive emigrations. It never stops.

Essentially we all have only two choices. Go on as you are, hoping somewhat vaguely that things get better. Or instead deliberately make and put into effect a Plan A which will ensure your happy survival.  Best to also have a Plan B in case Plan A doesn't work. 

My sincere goal is to not only help you survive but also prevail. Firstly by keeping you informed as to what's going on in this half crazy world, and secondly to help you make important decisions to at least ensure the essential basis for happiness. That being your annual income to be higher than your annual expenditure and that your consequent lifestyle can be better than it now is. Much better.

I know I can give you good advice because I have done it for the past 9 years. Not only ensured that my income is higher than my expenses but that my lifestyle makes me content - even if occasionally something goes wrong but quickly corrected. 

Throw in of course a degree of humour. Super important is the ability to laugh both at others who deserve it and ourselves for the mess we have got ourselves into. We cheerfully dig ourselves out of the hole we fell into, brush ourselves down and move forward.  That's how any battle is won is it not?

There's ALWAYS a way out, bit by bit, slice by slice. Two steps forward and one back. Not about money or power. It's about common decency and enjoying your life day by day..

The only true definition of "Success" is not how much money you have in the bank but when and if you can claim to be the world's oldest Human Ape. I wish you luck on that.

In the meantime - WELCOME ABOARD MATEY.

 Avoiding Armageddon
It's your future at stake as well as mine

I am what you might call an old geezer, having somehow reached the ripe old age of 80 and surprising even myself. But I still feel much younger which is the important thing.

I was born in Liverpool, England, March 10th, 1936 - the time when Hitler took back the Rhineland and built his first concentration camp controlled by a government agency he called Homeland Security.  Does this sound familiar?

Without boring you to death, I have lived a life of ups and downs as we all have. Married (and divorced) twice. Four children, two of them living in England and two in America. My career path, by accident rather than planning, was of an international basis selling power stations all over the world.  At last count I have visited 98 countries and lived in 4 of them - England, Canada, Australia and America.  I'm still a British citizen and see no reason why I should change.

Extensive travel is the best possible education you can get. It helps a lot in understanding global events and why we are in such an economic mess thanks to what we call the Single High Tech Global Economy. Something never seen before in human history. The effect has been disastrous for far too many people - and if anything getting worse.

But nine years ago, again by accident rather than clever design, I found a way of enjoying a much better lifestyle at much lower expense - while at the same time beating the poor economy.  I bought a 43 ft boat, brand new, for $7500. I call her 'Pisces'.

Now before you throw up your hands in horror, consider these truths.

In my floating home "Pisces" I have just about everything you have in your home. Two queen size bedrooms, a well equipped kitchen, a living room with a sofa and desk, television, internet connection, and a cat who thinks she owns the boat. (I used to have two dogs also but they died of old age a couple of years ago).

I enjoy a lifestyle of fun and adventure each and every day. I am never bored. I meet nice interesting people everywhere I go. I have a dinghy with motor enabling me to walk many white sugar beaches or drop into a bar for a chat and a drink with the locals. I live along with many other animal species in pristine surroundings with more often than not a spectacular evening sunset. Being an avid reader, I have a Kindle electronic book able to download and store a 2500 book library.

But here's the important bit.  I have all these pleasant experiences at roughly half the costs of living in a house or apartment ashore!  In fact basically around US$1500 a month. Less than that if I could only stop smoking.

There is no possible way you could do that living ashore, amidst the never ending police car sirens, the daily murders, the robberies, the grid lock traffic, the road rage or the horrendous killings by some half crazy nutcase armed with an assault rifle effectively a portable machine gun. But I tell you what - I never ever heard of such an outrage at a marina. Never even a man killing his wife - or vice versa.

Contrary to common belief, you don't have to be a sailor to live on a boat. You can be old or young, male or female, married or single, with or without children, employed or retired.  It's much safer than driving a car.

If you don't believe me, do me a small favour.  Visit a marina near you.  You'll find a variety of boats in a variety of condition, some beautiful, others less so. Say hello to anyone on board and the first thing you see is a big smile. If you smile back, you'll often be welcomed aboard and they'll tell you stories of fun and adventure, just as I would.

My motivation is to encourage you to think about what I am saying.  A little known secret. An easy way that you too can experience a happy lifestyle at half your current expenses. Despite the troubles ashore.

Feel free to contact me at capnparky2016@gmail.com

Books you might like to read

(Available on Amazon - Print or Kindle)

You cannot hope to understand anything unless you read a book on it. We face a grim future and only if you understand why, can you hope to survive. It need not be the end of the world - if you make the right decisions........

Here are some personal suggestions - Five Star Ratings all of them.

The World As It Is - Chris Hedges
The bad guys are in charge and this tells you how and why.

Empire - Jeremy Paxman
Essentially a criminal British enterprise from day one

End This Depression Now! - Paul Krugman
A voice of economic sanity in a world of economic insanity.

 Small Victories - Anne Lamott
Inspiring stories - and funny too!

The United States Of Fear - Tom Engelhardt
The appalling cost of the War on Terror

A Short History Of Nearly Everything
Bill Bryson
The universe and our place in it. Full of humour and easy to read

The Oxford Book Of Humorous Prose
Frank Muir

That exclusive British sense of humour from Chaucer onward.

Beachcomber - J B Morton
Pure British Humour

The Outpost - Jake Tapper
True story of brave soldiers in Afghanistan, despite inadequate Generals

The Guns of August - Barbara Tuchman
The start of World War 1 and the horror thus caused

A Spy Among Friends - Ben Macintyre
The amazing story of Kim Philby

   Three Men In A Boat - Jerome K Jerome
The delightful (and funny) classic

House of Cards - Michael Dobbs
The original (far better) British series

Flash Boys - Michael Lewis
Corruption on Wall Street

The Crash of 2016 - Thom Hartmann
It's coming folks - best be prepared

The Last Lion - William Manchester
Sir Winston Churchill of course

Thy Neighbours Wife - Gay Talese
Sex in America

The Upright Thinkers - Leonard Modinow
Human progress from caveman days

Three Men In A Boat - Jerome K. Jerome
The Classic and Funny

Saving Capitalism - Robert Reich
Rebuild the Middle Class and stop making unwinnable wars

Listen Liberal - Thomas Frank

Best Seller 2016



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Why Are We In This Mess?

Well for a start it isn't because of homosexuals, single mothers, young people, black people, brown people, yellow people, trade unions, poor people or middle class people or the dog next door who pees on your rose garden.

It is because of a very small number of people we call a variety of names. The Establishment. The Top 1%. The Powers That Be. The Monarchy. The Dictatorship. The Elite. The Hoi Polloi. The Lobbyists. The Aristocracy. The Multi-National Corporations. The Gated Communities. Those who live Upstairs rather than Downstairs and tell us they can't get good help these days.

It is they who have led us to the brink of economic collapse on a worldwide basis.

There's nothing much new about this.

It started when our ancestors lived in the trees and frequently fought for more territory, meaning more food and a better chance to pass our genes to the next generation, not theirs.

It evolved into tribes living in caves and subsequently into villages, growing crops and raising animals to eat. Each village had to have a leader able to decide the fate of all members of the tribe, especially those who loyally supported him. One option was to invade the tribe who lived downstream or over the hill or on top of a gold mine.

And so it went. The territory became a nation. The nation formed an Empire. The Empire was eventually overthrown by another Empire, such as the most recent British Empire being replaced by the American Empire. And now it appears that America is in decline, while China and India expands.

There is a difference however.

The problem we have now is that it is no longer limited to just one nation. We have a SINGLE global economy but not a single global government. Therefore the Establishment becomes a single financiall entity. Controlled by the wealthy wherever they live.

Their idea of prosperity is limited only to themselves, at the expense of the shrinking middle class and poor. They go to the same exclusive schools and universities. They eat at the same exclusive five star restaurants. They holiday at the same resorts and often get there in their personal jets and chauffeur driven limosines. You see them briefly at the opera house, the latest hot musical, the art museum sponsored new exhibition, the Oscars, grouse shoot or fox hunt, the ski slopes of Aspin or the Swiss Alps, the Buckingham Palace Garden Party or the members only stand at the Kentucky Derby, the White House or other government dinners. "Good to see you again" they cry while reaching for a second glass of highly expensive vintage champagne.  Burlington Bertie - I rise at ten thirty.

It has always been thus and always will.  But there is a point when enough is enough and the people, we of that 99%, rise in protest, often violent revolution.

That's the path we are now on - and there appears to be nothing to stop it - as can be seen in the US 2016 election campaign. The Establishment controls it and so controls us.

There is however a glimmer of hope.

The so called "Millennians", people age 16 to 36, are actively aware of what's going on. And they, whether we older people like it or not, will insist upon change. Our generations have failed them.  They will correct things just as Franklin Delano Roosevelt corrected things in 1932 through 1945.

It will however be violent, just as we see in the Middle East and many other countries today.  People don't mind the rich so much, but they do like to share the wealth........


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